How to: Rename files with WordPress

You can already rename the title of your Media entries, and also rename the ALT text. However, WordPress doesn’t let you rename the filename. Why? Because, simply, this is technically slighlty difficult and require a lot of effort to insure compatibility with other plugins.

Why renaming files with WordPress?

For a better SEO 🙂 The filenames are used by the search engines. They are considered as important keywords. But as always, it is important not to stuff keywords inside your filenames, but keep them neat. They should represent what your image is.

How to rename files?

It’s very simple. You can install the free version of Media File Renamer, which is more than enough for this task. Once installed, there are two main ways you can use to rename your files:

  • By choosing a new filename manually
  • By letting the plugin automatically picks a new filename

With Media File Renamer, there are many ways to do all this. Let’s see the most common ones.

Please note that the references to those files are also updated. However, since every WordPress install is very different from each other, it is important you make sure you have a backup ready before modifying your files.

Media Library

In the Media Library, in List Mode (not Grid Mode), you will see a new column called Renamer. By hovering the Auto Rename button, you will be proposed a new, ideal filename. Click, and… it’s done!

Alternatively, you can also choose manually a filename you like better. For that, simply type the filename, and click Rename.

Edit Media Screen

You can also have your files renamed automatically every time the tiles of your media are modified. For example, below, I have modified the title into “Nagoro”, and the file was automatically renamed accordingly.

Renamer Dashboard

If you have a lot of Media entries, then you will love using this dashboard. Simply visit the Pending section, and rename your files very quickly! There are also bulk-rename features as well.

Special Offer

If you love the free version, and are interested in going a bit further with the Pro, I can offer you a discount in exchange of a link to this page, or better, if you write a tutorial on how you use the Media File Renamer. It’s always very interesting to see how it is really used. In this case, don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂