The Neko Pass

Congratulations for your curiosity! Welcome to the very exclusive Neko Pass that gives you access to all the products made by Meow Apps (at the exception of Social Engine).

  • Same license for every plugin! Simpler!
  • Behave like a Yearly Standard License… for every plugin! (up to 5 websites)
  • Support & Updates, always!
  • Represents a total discount of more than 60%!

Are we still in 2022? If yes, try this discount code: NEKO_PASS_2022_RELEASE
– It will lower the price of the Neko Pass to 129$
– Limited to first 100 customers, by the end of 2022

Jump on it, the Neko Pass might not be always available and even if it is, the price will also only increase with time. If you get it now, you can make sure that you can enjoy Meow Apps for that price as long as you want and need it 🎵 Also, I’ll be happy to be part of your WordPress life, to make it better!