We do our best to create the best plugins for WordPress concerning optimization and imagery. We would love to increase both your productivity and pleasure to use WordPress! Please enjoy the ride 🎵

Say goodbye to useless files! Clean your Media Library and Uploads directory from the files which aren’t used.

Best plugin to clean database. Friendly UI, packed with tons of features, supports databases of all sizes.

Media File Renamer renames your media files either manually or automatically.

Optimize images management and add Retina support. Previously known as WP Retina 2x.

Plan, schedule, automate your social posts. Transform your WordPress in a powerful social planner!

Best lightbox for WordPress with EXIF information. Photographers love it!

This Lightroom Publish Service will keep your photos synchronized with WordPress.
Best gallery for photography websites made with WordPress.

Adds the Google Analytics code to your website and… that’s all folks 🙂

Simple, yet pretty and complete.

The Story of Meow Apps

Exactly 14 years, 9 months and 28 days ago, I arrived in Japan. I was working as a software engineer in the financial industry. Amazed by the variety of scenes and landscapes, I started to photograph Japan as much as I can, and created various sites. Naturally, I created my websites using WordPress.

I was rapidly stunned by the amount of plugins required to create a nice website. Also, as a developer, I was taken aback by the overall quality of the code, the lack of optimization, and the quantity of efforts I had to make to achieve results.

I decided to create my own plugins, for my own use, and I shared them. As they got surprinsingly popular, I was pushed by the community to add more features, and to release eventually Pro versions. Meow Apps was born!

Still today, I am using my own plugins, and it pushes me towards keeping them excellent. I hope you will enjoy those plugins as much as I do!