Meow Gallery is a Gallery for WordPress built for photography websites, but not only. It is polished, beautiful and works with the Gallery Block (Gutenberg), the Core WP Gallery and the official Gallery Shortcode. It is responsive, retina-friendly, uses modern layouts and is blazing fast and optimized. It uses modern CSS, and JS is only used for infinite/lazy and the slider layout.


With the Meow Gallery block, create and edit galleries directly within the WordPress editor, so that it doesn’t disturb your workflow.

Modern layouts

To make sure that you would find the best layout for any situation, we’ve bundled 6 layouts inside our gallery: Tiles, Masonry, Justified, Square, Cascade, Carousel and Map.


We wanted to create a plugin that wouldn’t alter your installation, so we’ve made it possible to easily switch back and forth between the native WordPress gallery and the Meow Gallery.


We’ve tried our best to only use CSS on most layouts to ensure the fastest performances, our code is also highly optimized and tested by thousands of users, ensuring that we don’t miss any performance issue.

Free & Pro Versions

Free Version

  • Nice layouts

    Our special and recommended “Tiles”, but also the common ones such as Masonry, Justified, Square, and Cascade.

  • Gutenberg Block

    If you are using the Gutenberg Editor, you can easily manage your galleries and preview them in realtime.

  • Compatibility

    It uses the natural gallery system of WordPress. You can start using the Meow Gallery and all your galleries will work right away. You can also uninstall it, and your website will still work.

Pro Version

  • Everything from the Free Version

  • Display your images in a beautiful carousel (you might know this layout as slider).

  • Map Layout

    Instead of a gallery of images, a map will be displayed. The GPS written in your photos will be used.

  • Infinite Loading

    If you have huge galleries, with hundreds of thousands of photos, this feature will make it doable and smooth.

  • Animations

    Sleek animations.

  • Visit the Pro Version

Reviews from WordPress

Written by @mirzepapa on WordPress Forums

Gallery Plugins can be annoying and only in some rare cases, you are free to take care of your pictures and not struggling with the installation and setup of some mediocre program.
Meow Gallery is easy to set up and displays pictures beautifully, serving them pretty fast. I was so happy to came across this fine tool, that I switched some of my websites galleries to meow – along with the other tools (Lightroom Sync, Lightbox & Media Cleaner) it worked like a charm […].

Written by @iambeeblebrox on WordPress Forums

I have used all kinds of gallery solutions in the past but they all introduced a lot of extra stuff which sometimes got broken in future releases. So I decided I wanted to use the standard WordPress galleries but with a nicer way to display them. Enter Meow Gallery. Lightweight, excellent algorithms for generating the galleries and … based on standard WordPress media library and standard WordPress galleries. I went through a mega effort to replaced all my, partially broken, galleries from legacy plugins (NGG anyone?) with Meow. So far I’m extremely happy with this move.

Written by @peterarees on WordPress Forums

Best of its kind by far!

I have used LR /WP SYNC for a number of years now, and the latest updates make a superb plugin even better. The resultant organisation of my media files in my website makes life so much easier. I have a number of other publish addons in LR interfacing with services other than my website, none of these comes close to the ease of use and quality of this. What is even more impressive to me is the quality of support. I have never had to wait long for an answer, and it is always provided in the most helpful and courteous way. Given that the problem is sometimes me, this is even more impressive.