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My plugins don’t include professional support but I do provide simple support to my Pro customers. Also, I absolutely want my plugins to work perfectly for everyone, which is why I am always trying to help on the forums. If it looks like there might be a bug in my plugins, I will work hard to check it and fix it.

Why this post?

Did you notice that many plugins cost a lot of money and are subscription-based only? Mine are cheap in comparison. This is because I decided not to become a bigger entity with an army of employees dedicated to support (which is not always good).

I work on my plugins with passion and try my best to keep them excellent. However, it is natural to get support requests and e-mails. But since I am the only one and that my plugins are quite cheap, I need to clarify how support works.

About e-mails

I am getting dozens e-mails everyday. Most of the time, they are from users who don’t know WordPress well. Those users are very difficult to handle for me because they are very time consuming. They don’t fully understand the tutorial, the FAQ, they just try, fail, and decide quickly that the plugin is not working. I often get messages like Please make it work and maybe I will buy it.

The second main reason is that WordPress associated with a fully featured theme and many plugins is a very complex system. A thorough and complex analysis is required to understand what’s going wrong.

Keep in mind that I am only one developer. Reading an e-mail, analyzing, replying cost me a lot of time. This is less time to actually make the plugins better. I am getting a dozens of emails everyday, if it takes more than 30 minutes to reply then I have no time to actually work on my plugins.

Therefore, I avoid direct support by e-mail, especially when the user didn’t even buy a Pro license. I believe you can understand why. I want the support I provide to be helpful for everyone. Information should be shared. And issues should be simplified, I need your help as well.

What do to

First, please make sure you understand WordPress well. WordPress is not as easy at it seems and looking for the culprit in your install is usually not the way to go. Most of the famous plugins work, but every install is unique. If you don’t have time for this, jump to the next section.

If you think there is a problem, you need to demonstrate the issue. The best way, is to simplify the issue the best you can. Please proceed this way:

– Disable all the plugins, only keep my plugin enabled.
– Switch to one of WordPress standard themes.
– Try again.

It works? Ok, switch to your normal theme. Try again. It works? Do the same with the others plugins, one by one. Try to find the combination that doesn’t work. When you have defined this minimum system for which it works, do this:

Check your PHP error logs. If you don’t know where it is, you should learn. Ask your hosting service, check their documentation.
– Take screenshots of the issue, upload them on Imgur (or somewhere else).
– Make a simple example of the issue for me to check. Or tell me exactly how to replicate it. Best way it is to make a copy of your website, and let me access to it with admin.
– Prepare a clearly defined explanation of your issue. Share the related lines in the PHP error logs (if anything occurred during your tests) and the links to your screenshots.

Professional Support & Assistance

If you have no time for all this and want me to have a deeper look at your install, I can. You will need to hire me. I currently have a rate of 150$ dollars for two hours. You can tell me what your problem is, I will try my best to fix it and on top of this check things about your install. I will also list you what I have found, make you suggestions, etc.

When I help you for free, please be nice, respectful, thankful. So many users just get my free plugins, sometimes even hack them to get the Pro and come to me to complain about something and even threaten with a bad review. Please, don’t do that. We work hard making plugins and sharing them with you. If you look closely, you will see that this is not only for money but also for passion.

One last word

If you have any idea on how to handle support,  I am also all ears, of course. I am just trying the best way for my users and I. Thank you for reading :)