If you are looking for the best database cleaner for WordPress, this is it! Database Cleaner will clean and optimize your database thoroughly, swiftly, through an easy or expert mode, depending on your expertise. Database Cleaner also works on huge databases, which is not the case of any other plugin!

Database Cleaner was build based on the success of this brother Media Cleaner, and years of experiences and issues using the other database cleaners. We felt like it was time for a new one, well-made and powerful. Today, it definitely is!

Handle big databases

The only database cleaning plugin that handles cleaning big DB through smart controlled queries.


Database Cleaner adapts its recommendations depending on the plugins you are using.

Focus on actual optimization

Removing temporary or trashed data is not enough! Database Cleaner focuses on optimizations which really matter.

Free & Pro Versions

Free Version

  • Delete useless Data

    Old revisions, trashed posts, useless metas, useless relationships, useless users, useless comments, transients, etc.

  • Delete useless Tables

    You’ll be able to check which tables are known, unknown, or actually useless.

  • Handle useless Options

    You’ll be able to check which options are used, and toggle their autoloaded status.

  • Handle useless Post Types

    That’s what most often slows down your WordPress the most!

Pro Version

  • Everything from the Free Version

  • Enhanced “Used By” for Tables, Post Types and Options

    This column will try its best to tell you by which plugin this item is normally used (installed or not).

  • Nyao Sweeper

    The cleaning will be done regularly in the background, little by little, without any stress or slowing-down your install.

  • Visit the Pro Version

Reviews from WordPress

Written by @enthousiastwpuser on WordPress Forums

The new Database Cleaner King is here

This is by far the nicest plugin from the start that I used since a long time. I was using the other famous database cleaner plugin before this one, and it wasn’t updated since long time and it felt less relevant years after years.

Written by @mahyulan on WordPress Forums

Absolutely fabulous

The interface immediately provides in depth information about the status of the database. Fabulous. Cleaning the awful lot of “Orphaned Post Meta” that I mentioned before, took quite a while, but it shows a percentage progress. And even more important the plugin does this in small chunks to avoid time-out problems at the hosting server.

Written by @iacx on WordPress Forums

Finally a complete plugin

I already use the plugin on multiple site and are very satisfied with the functionality and UX, I hope in a constant development, the plugin is really complete and from valuable information on the status of the database.

Written by @jeromyk on WordPress Forums

Resolved my WooCommerce Issue

I tried to install WooCommerce onto my site and instantly experienced issues. My site ran incredibly slow and eventually became inoperable. I removed the plug-in using FTP access but anytime I tried to navigate to my shop page, the site would automatically redirect to my main homepage. After using Database Cleaner once, it resolved the issue and the site works as normal.