License Issues

The licensing system automatically registers your license on your website, as soon as you used this license number for the first time. If you do not use this website anymore, you will need to visit your account and remove this website from the registered URLs

How to register a site?

It is actually very simple, the license field is with the standard settings of the plugin, so you will find it under the Meow Apps menu, and then the plugin’s menu which is in there. If you cannot find the Meow Apps menu, it means you might have disabled it before. In that case, visit Settings > General option and look at the bottom of this page of settings, there will be a mention that the Meow Apps Menu is disabled and you can click to re-enable it.

How to unregister a site?

You need to login to the Meow Apps Store and visit the Licenses area. In there, you can click on Manage Sites and remove a website using the Deactivate Site link. Then you will be free to use the license on another website. Alternatively, if you want to upgrade your license to a bigger one, let me know 🙂

Your license key has reached its activation limit.

If you get an error like this, it means your website was registered previously with a different URL (going from http to https is also a change in the URL). First, make sure that the previous site was unregistered, in order to not running out of activations.  Then, you can click on the button to re-try to register your license.

The download failed. Unauthorized.

Check the section above, about activation limit. It is extremely likely the same issue. Once it’s checked, remove the serial, save, re-insert the serial, save and try to update the plugin again.