How to: Choose a Hosting Service for WordPress

Here are the best hosting services for WordPress, from my point of view, and for different reasons. I often hear people having issues with their hosting so I would like to recommend you some.

Do you have money to spend? For speed, choose Kinsta. Do you prefer amazing reliability and service, while still having excellent performances? Choose WPEngine. They are a bit expensive, and you don’t think your website deserve as much? Go for FlyWheel, they are excellent as well. Just want to start, and not willing to spend much money? Hostgator is for you.

The Best Services

Kinsta (~30$ / month)

This relatively new service which embraces the Google Cloud. The speed and the service are extremely similar to Templ, to the point I feel like Templ copied the right side of this service and just make it a tad cheaper. They have a great UI and they have been here a big longer than Templ.

I am currently running my Urban Exploration in Japan website called Haikyo. Have a look. The speed is amazing.

FlyWheel (~13$ / month)

They have a nice offer for small websites, only at 13$ / month! Their UI is great, there is everything you need, it’s fast and simple. Not only that but you can also use their tool called Local; with it, you can develop your website on your own machine, and then synchronize it with the production server. Really an amazing service. It’s owned by WPEngine (next on this list).

WPEngine (~25$ / month)

This is my reference in terms of service, quality, and reliability. That’s where I would host the websites I need absolutely to be safe and accessible at all times (this current website, for example). Security, caching, backup, everything is included, you copy your website to a staging environment, modify it, switch it back to production, etc. The support team is extremely knowledgeable, your issues will always be fixed. WPEngine is extremely solid.

I have this current website running on it and also my main blog Offbeat Japan. Please try it: it is fast and doesn’t run any particular plugins, except the Meow Apps suite and a theme.

The Cheap Ones

HostGator (~2.75$ / month)

If you want to play with your first websites, are not sure where you are going, and just want to create many installs and have this sense of freedom with unlimited space, bandwidth and all that, then HostGator is for you. It’s very cheap and you can do it all. It’s not the fastest servers, you will need to handle the security and the backup, but if you are willing to spend time, you’ll enjoy it. For geeks.