AI Engine Pro

AI Engine Pro demands a lot of support, and this is reflected in the price. If you’re okay with no support and can provide feedback from the free version, I’ll offer a discount. Contact me and mention no-support.

Free Version

  • Chatbot

    Embed a versatile chatbot on your website, complete with image capabilities and customization options.

  • Content & Images Generator

    Automatically create engaging content and images for your site.

  • Image Vision, DALL-E 3

    Analyze and generate images from text descriptions.

  • Finetuning

    User-friendly interface for editing datasets, training AI models, and managing fine-tuned models.

  • AI Utilities & Copilot

    Direct AI integration in the editor for seamless use.

  • AI Playground

    Variety of tools like translation, correction, discussions, etc.

  • Templates System

    Create and use custom templates for content and image generation for efficiency.

  • Internal API

    Create your own modules, enhance your other plugins.

Pro Version

  • Everything from the Free Version

  • AI Forms

    Design dynamic forms for interactive AI-generated responses.

  • Embeddings

    Manually or dynamically build a knowledge index for AI to reference in responses.

  • Content-Aware

    Enhance chatbots with the ability to understand and interact with page content.

  • Statistics & Limits

    Monitor requests, access statistics, and set usage limits and conditions.

  • Assistants (GPTs)

    Create advanced AI assistants for diverse and efficient task handling.

  • Much more to come…

    Expect more innovative features in future updates.

License: Yearly vs Lifetime

The Yearly License is recommended. It will always work and you will always get support, as long as it is kept active.

The Lifetime License works forever, including future updates. However, support is only available the first year.


Do you love the free version? Do you have valuable feedback for me? Did you find a bug and find a solution for it? Then… We might have a discount for you! Contact me! 🥳

Trial / Refund

There are no trials available. However, don’t worry: you can buy a license, the one you like, and if it doesn’t well enough for you, I will refund you. I always do, when asked! For refunds, contact me within 2 weeks.