We receive between 30 and 50 messages every day. We are very happy to fix our plugins when the issue comes from them, but often, they are related to other factors. Please make sure you read the following points.

  • If you have an issue with a free plugin, please use the WordPress forum for this plugin. The form below is only for license holders.
  • If you have a license issue, have a look at the License Issues page first.
  • If you have a technical issue, make sure you carefully read the associated FAQ (or debugging page) and checked your PHP Error Logs. Moreover, please use PHP 7+ and avoid Windows to run WordPress.
  • Explain your issue as briefly and clearly as possible. We need to reproduce exactly the issue you are experiencing. Providing numbered step by step instructions, along with screenshots (shared with SnipBoard) would be helpful.
  • Do not forget to insert your serial key in this form or your message might not be properly categorized by our system and will be lost. 

The real developers of those plugins will reply to you. Not a support center :) This way, the plugins can be improved right away and answers more meaningful.