Perfect Images Pro

Perfect Images was previously known as WP Retina 2x. Its name changed at the end of 2020, to provide better and more features related to images and to streamline the Retina support.

Perfect Images creates the image files required by high-density displays and delivers them to your visitors accordingly. This plugin is kept up to date with the latest techniques and evolutions to focus

To know more about it, please visit the Official Page of Perfect Images.

License: Yearly vs Lifetime

The Standard Yearly License is recommended. This license will always work as long as it is kept active. We recommend it, as we will always be able to support you over the years.

The Lifetime License will be active forever, includes every future update. However, it does only include one year of support. Then, you will need to hire a developer to help you as we don’t have plans for paid support.


Are you a happy user of the free version? Do you have valuable feedback for us? Or did you find a bug and fix it? Then we might have a discount for you! Contact us.

Trial & Refund

If you don’t like it, or if it doesn’t work well for you, don’t worry! We always refund when asked, 🙂 There is no problem with that. This is also why we don’t provide trials anymore, as they were also tricky to handle technically. About refunds, we would appreciate it if you could contact us within 2 weeks.


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