Fix: Common OpenAI Errors

Note that those errors are not directly related to AI Engine, but they might appear as you are using it.

You’ve reached your usage limit

For users with a free trial account, it’s important to note that the tokens provided during the trial will expire after three months from the date the account is created. In order to continue utilizing the API beyond that period, users must input their billing details and switch to a paid subscription plan.

When updating credit card information, it’s required to set both hard and soft usage limits, even though it may seem illogical. Leaving these fields blank will result in a usage limit being activated.

Error while calling OpenAI: That model is currently overloaded with other requests. 

The specific AI model you are trying to access is experiencing high traffic from numerous users at the same time. Consider waiting for a short period before attempting to access the model again, as the server load may decrease. In the meantime, you can also explore other available models that might suit your needs and check if they are less congested.

Error while calling OpenAI: cURL error 28: Failed to connect to port 443

For users located in China, OpenAI servers may be blocked, and using a proxy for WordPress is necessary to bypass these restrictions.

In other cases, the problem might be due to a security plugin within WordPress, which is preventing external requests. To resolve this issue, check and modify the security plugin settings to allow external connections or disable the plugin temporarily to test if it is the cause of the error.