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Meow Gallery is a Gallery for WordPress built for photography websites, but not only. It is polished, beautiful and works with the Gallery Block (Gutenberg), the Core WP Gallery and the official Gallery Shortcode. It is responsive, retina-friendly, uses modern layouts and is blazing fast and optimized. It uses modern CSS, and JS is only used for infinite/lazy and the slider layout.

A demo worths a thousand words, so here is it, just above, and you can also have a look at this page: Haikyo: Nara Dreamland. And here is another page using a smaller gallery at the end of an article: Offbeat Japan: Nichitsu.

Nice Layouts & Simple Options

The gallery comes with popular layouts such as Masonry, Justified (like Flickr), Squares (like Instagram) and Slider. It is also shipped with its own magic layout called Tiles. You can discover those layouts on the layouts page.

Meow Gallery: Options


The Meow Gallery is extremely easy to use as it is using the native features already build in WordPress, as well as the Gutenberg Editor. Have a look at the tutorial, here.


We believe that the choice of the lightbox depends on you, so this gallery doesn’t come out of the box with a specific one. We, however, recommend you to use the Meow Lightbox, specially designed for photography websites.


You can modify parts of the Meow Gallery by using its WordPress filters. For example, if you want to change the caption dynamically (to display EXIF information, for example), you can use the mgl_caption filter.

Pro Version

We add dynamic Infinite Loading, allowing your visitors to load images in the gallery as they scroll down the page, reducing the overall weight of your page and the loading speed.

A Slider layout is also added, which is similar to a carousel. It can be used in different ways depending on your website.

Refund Policy

If you have constructive feedback about this website, or the plugin itself, we are willing to give you a discount: contact us. And if the plugin does not actually suit you, don’t worry, you will get a refund.

Enjoy it!