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Media File Renamer

Media File Renamer is a WordPress plugin that renames your media files. It can be automatic (depending on certain conditions) or manual. It is excellent for SEO, to keep your WordPress tidy and to avoid issues related to files. The references to those filenames on your website will also be updated. It has many features, and if you are a developer you can automate the whole process and how the renaming is performed.

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The free version allows you to rename automatically your Media entries based on their titles. That's what most users are looking for.
When the title of a Media entry is modified, the renaming process is performed automatically.
Rename Now button
In the Media Library, the Rename Now button will allow you to preview the new filename, and in one-click, to perform the renaming.
Lock & Unlock
You can lock the renaming when you are satisfied with the filename (and avoid a rename if you edit your media entry again).
Undo button
You encountered an issue? Or you are not satisfied with the filename? You can use the Undo button.
There are many filters and actions which developers can use. If you need to customize the way the files are renamed, or if you need to start the process at specific times, you can do it.
From 24$
Pro Version
The Pro version adds more features for experts and more SEO optimization.
Manual Rename
In the Media Library (or in the Edit Media) screen, you will be able to rename the file exactly the way you like.
Additional Auto Methods
There are additional methods for auto-renaming your files: depending on the post/page the media entry is attached too, for example, or depending on the ALT text.
Numbered files
If the ideal filename already exists, a number will be appended, and increased if needs to be.
SQL Logging
Every SQL requests performed by the Renamer will be logged, as well as the anti-requests (for rollback purposes).
Sync Alt
The ALT text will be synchronized via the renaming, depending on the method you chose.
ASCII Transliteration
If you like your filenames to be very pure, that feature will help you to achieve that.
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Very easy to use! Click on the button or type a new filename and you're done.

Up to date

WordPress evolves, and the Renamer needs to be updated as well. It is always up to date.

Quality support

If there is an issue, contact us and we will fix it.