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Meow Lightbox

Meow Lightbox is a Lightbox for WordPress that is made for photographers, by photographers. It works in all circumstances while being light, optimized, and responsive. It displays nicely EXIF information from your image (title, description, camera, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc). The layout also adapts itself depending on the image orientation.

If you want to see how it performs, click on the images above. 

Pro Version

The feature that everybody likes is the preloading. If you have a page with many images, the lightbox will start to preload them so make sure they appear fast. Another interesting feature is that the lightbox can automatically display a map of the location where the photo was taken (if GPS metadata is available). Have a look at Meow Lightbox Pro.



By default, the selector is set on ‘.entry-content’. This selector represents the CSS elements in which the lightbox will look for images and does its magic. Depending on the theme, or what you exactly need, the selector might be different. Check the FAQ below if you are confused.

Anti Selector

Sometimes, the selector catches too many images and you want specific pages, galleries or photos to be skipped by the Lightbox. You can do this with the Anti Selector. 

In my settings, I set the Anti Selector to ‘.mgl-square’. This CSS class is used by the Meow Gallery for the Square layout, like above. The Lightbox doesn’t work on it anymore, and let the click go through (and in this case, open the image directly, but it could be a link or anything else).

Edit Post / Page

When you insert images in your posts, make sure the “Link To” is set to “Media File” or to “Attachment Page“.


You can start to have a look at this video. This shows you how to use Chome Developer Tools to browse your HTML. You need to find the element (probably a <div> or a <section>) that contains all your content and images. When you find this one, have a look at its id=”xxx” or class =”yyy”. Then your selector will be either “xxx” or “.yyy” (CSS classes start with a dot).
It is usually better to find a good selector, but if you find it complicated, you can use this plugin: Plugin Load Filter.

Refund Policy

If you have a constructive feedback about this website, or the plugin itself, we are willing to give you a discount: contact us. And if the plugin does not actually suit you, don’t worry, you will get a refund.