Connectivity Issues

URL could not be found, LR cannot communicate with the WP/LR Sync, plugin not installed on WP (when it is), unresponsive login or sync, few photos are uploaded then it fails? Check the Debug Connectivity page.

Installation Issues

For now, the installation is manual and might appear tricky for the user: I really apologize about that!

In short: unzip, keep the files in a folder called wplr.lrplugin (the .lrplugin in the folder name is important) and pick this folder as the plugin in File->Plugin Manager in Lightroom.

Jeffrey Friedl (author of many LR plugins) wrote an amazing article about how to install those plugins. It is the best article so I don’t even want to attempt to write a better one. It is here: Installation and Management of LR Plugins. There is another one available on Smugmug website, here.

General Issues & Questions

What are those post types about? What is this concept?
You can learn about it here: https://codex.wordpress.org/Post_Types. The default post types in WordPress are pages, posts and attachments. Themes and plugins can create additional ones, for instance, galleries, videos, products, etc.
The order of the images is wrong
The plugin doesn’t decide in which order to send the files, Lightroom does. And WordPress decides how to display them in the Media Library. There is no manual ordering possible in this process.

In Media Library, the images are ordered by a field internally known as Upload Date, it is shown as the Date column. So basically the latest image you upload will be at the top. In Lightroom, you can choose that by drag & drop the images about to be sent for the first time (in New Photos to Publish). Then Publish. The last image to be uploaded will appear first in the Media Library.

Another way is to use the Use Photo Taken Date. I recommend this because the plugin will override the default process and use the Taken Date of the photo as the Upload Date. That will make your Media Library clean, with useful and re-usable data.

I have synchronized my photos but somewhat it looks like it is still the old ones.
If you have caching on your server (or a CDN) then the photos might not be refreshed. The plugin cannot do anything about it so you should try to reset your cache or you CDN. The refreshed photos should appear after that.
I modified the keywords on my photos but they are not marked as ‘to Re-Published’.
For this to happen you need to either have a WordPress field link to ‘Keywords’ or you need the ‘All Meta’ box to be checked.
I would like to link my WP media with a different image in my LR, how can I do?
Check the module called Switch Photos (Library > Plugins Extra), you can then select two photos (the current one that you have in your WP and the one you want to exchange it in your LR and then it will be done. Easy!
I have a custom meta and I would like to have information from my image (EXIF, IPTC or something else) written in it.

The easiest way to do it would be to use the plugin called Media Library Assistant. If you have a problem, the developer behind it is very helpful.

Another way is to take advantage of the API available in WP/LR Sync. One of my user, Geet, wrote some code that keeps his custom meta (city, country) synchronized from the IPTC information. Here is the code:

add_action( "wplr_add_media", 'myapp_update_media_meta', 10, 2 ); 
add_action( "wplr_update_media", 'myapp_update_media_meta', 10, 2 );

function myapp_update_media_meta( $mediaId, $galleryID ) { 
  global $wplr; 
  $image = wp_get_attachment_url( $mediaId ); 
  $size = getimagesize($image, $info); 
  if ( isset( $info['APP13'] ) ) { 
    $iptc = iptcparse( $info['APP13'] );
    if ( isset( $iptc["2#090"][0] ) ) 
        update_post_meta( $mediaId, 'city', $iptc["2#090"][0] ); 
    if ( isset( $iptc["2#101"][0] ) )
        update_post_meta( $mediaId, 'country', $iptc["2#101"][0] ); 
How does the plugin handles the translations I made with WPML Media?
The plugin considers that the language you are using in Lightroom is the default/base language you are using in WordPress. Therefore, on a fresh first new upload, all the media translations will received the texts from Lightroom and will be the same as the default media. The following synchronizations will not update those translations’ metadata anymore since they are supposed to be… translations πŸ™‚ However, the default translation will always be synchronized with LR. I believe it is the way it should work.

Issues with Total Sync

I cannot find the Total Sync module. Where is it?
Lightroom has a weird way to handle plugins and I would rather have the Total Sync available through a contextual menu. However, we cannot do  that (Lightroom is very restrictive for developers). I took a screenshot of where you can find the module, click here.
The hashing really takes a lot of time!
If you want it to be faster, you can run the hashing process by yourself (Advanced tab) on all your photos using the fastest service you have (you can use a WordPress installed on your own machine). Those hashes can then be used for the matching with any other service, it only has to be done once per photo.
Can I exclude photos from my WordPress for the linking?
No problem: in the LR Sync column of the Media Library there is a textbox for the LR ID. Type in a ‘0’ and ‘Link’. The photo will be marked as ‘Ignored’. You can also do this during the matching.
On my WordPress, many photos are actually duplicated. Is there a way I can handle this?
How you manage those duplicated photos is up to you but personally I like to avoid this case. In WP/LR Sync, there is a dashboard that will show you the duplicated photos you have (based on the links between LR and WP). To enable this dashboard, go in Settings > Media and check the WP/LR Tools. Now go in your Media menu and there will a new WP/LR screen.

Error Messages

An internal error has occurred: AgExportRendition:recordRemotePhotoId: remote ID must be a number or string.

Are you using JetPack? The plugin might cause this. You have to authorize WP/LR through JetPack -> Settings -> Carousel, find WP/LR at the bottom of the page and enable it.

Got an error from WP. Please check your PHP logs (on server) and WP/LR logs (on your computer).

If it is a connectivity issue (means you can’t even login with the LR plugin), click here. Before that, make sure your checked your logs (there is a WPLRSync.log in your Document folder and the PHP error logs are located on your server – you can ask your hosting service since they all host those differently).

  • MuchFun

    Just to mention it, ” Got an error from WP” could also mean, that the file size of an image is too big for the server. That was a problem I faced the other day and I could resolve it by reducing the file size (smaller resolution, smaller dimensions, …)

    • Yes, did you have that info in your PHP Error Logs? Normally that would be said. WP/LR Sync check for that info and tells you if the size of the file is too big but it can’t always get it.

      • MuchFun

        All I wanted to says that before start reading log-files and/or ask your host for assistance, check the file size you try to upload…

        • Maik Buschbacher

          Ive got The same issue… (connection To your Website….) Ive got a https Homepage and in the setting i Insert https://www.picass-o.com and i still get The Massage New i reduce The size of the images on 25% hopefully IT works… Hope so, because it would be sad if i have to change The plugin..

          • Changing the size is a random solution, follow this: https://meowapps.com/wplr-sync/debug-connectivity/. And find the real issue. Switching plugin will not help, the issue is not with the plugin, is the connectivity to your install.

          • Maik Buschbacher

            It was the size.. My pictures was to big for my Homepage… So i choose 25% from A 6000*4000 picture and IT works without any Trouble

  • Spencer Weed

    Hi there, I’m getting the following error when trying to connect the LR extension – “Connection to your website works but got an error from WP. Please check your PHP logs (on server), your WP/LR logs (on your computer) and the FAQ (http://apps.meow.fr/wplr-sync/faq/). Also make sure that the plugin on the WordPress side is enabled.”

    WP plugin is installed and enabled. Any ideas?

  • Andi S

    Hi there,
    the installation of both parts of the plugin worked fine. Also a first test showed that the export of a picture from LR to WP worked well.
    Altough when I try to open the Plugins Settings in the WordPress Admin I get an HTTP 500 error. The 500 shows up in the access log, but nothing in the error log or php log. So I’m a bit lost on how I could debug this further.
    My Server is running with PHP 7.0, could that be the issue? WordPress ist latest 4.7.3

    • When you try to open the plugin settings? You mean when you try to get into the menu? This is weird you are not getting explicit errors, if you error log completely empty? (because an empty log is weird in itself, there are always warnings at least)

  • Hi, Jordy!

    I’d like to change the filename of my photos in Lightroom. And I’d like the filenames of these photos inside WordPress to be the same new filenames as in Lightroom. Can I do that with WP/LR? If not, maybe you have a suggestion how to do that other way?

    Thank you!

    • Hi! You can choose the filenames for your files from the settings of the WP/LR Sync Publish Service in the “File Naming” section. On Re-Publish, the filename is however not changed (since it has already been uploaded). If you want to rename files which are already in WordPress, you can use this: https://meowapps.com/media-file-renamer/. Of course, it’s no problem to use WP/LR Sync for resyncing later.

I recommend you to use WPEngine or SiteGround. They are both excellent hosting services and work perfectly with all my plugins.