Ready to take your WordPress site to the next level with AI? With AI Engine, you can easily build content, try out a variety of tasks like translation and correction in our fun AI Playground, add a ChatGPT-style chatbot to your website, track the AI usages, set limits, etc! You can also use embeddings to add knowledge to your AI, or even to fine-tune AI models to make it even more awesome. We also have an API for other plugins to tap into. Give it a try and see the magic for yourself. And more importantly, enjoy it 🙂

Before using AI Engine, don’t forget to read the disclaimer.

Content Generation

Generate fresh and engaging content for your site.

Amazing Chatbot

Add a ChatGPT-style chatbot to your website.

AI Playground

Variety of tools like translation, correction, and ChatGPT-style discussions


Everything can be modified, adapted, used! AI Engine is much more than just features!

Easy Fine-tuning

Prepare datasets, manage them, and train new models based on them.

Statistics, Limitations, Forms and More!

You can sell an AI service for your users, based on your expertise!

Free Version

  • Chatbot (GPT-like)

    Add a chatbot to your website. Images bot included, shortcode builder, many, many parameters and possibilities.

  • Content & Images Generator

    Generate fresh and engaging content for your site, as well as images.

  • Image Vision, DALL-E 3

    Interprets images and creates them from text.

  • Train your AI

    Nice UI to edit your datasets, train your AI models, and manage your fine-tuned models.

  • AI Copilot

    Use the AI directly from the editor.

  • Quick Suggestions

    In one-click, you can get recommendations and apply them (titles, excerpts, etc).

  • AI Playground

    Variety of tools like translation, correction, discussions, etc.

  • Templates System

    Create your own templates for the Playground, Content or Image Generator. That will make your work even easier!

  • Internal & REST API

    Everyone can use AI Engine API! Gather the risks and the statistics in one place.

Pro Version

  • Everything from the Free Version

  • AI Forms

    Create dynamic forms that will generate answers.

  • Embeddings

    Create manually or dynamically an index (= database) of knowledge. The AI will use this to build its answers.

  • Content-Aware

    The chatbot will be aware of the content of the current page, and be able to discuss/analyze it.

  • Statistics & Limits

    Keep track of every AI requests, helpers to get statistics, and allows you to set limits and conditions to the AI usage.

  • Assistants (GPTs)

    Build powerful AI assistants capable of performing a variety of tasks very easily.

  • Much more to come…

    Lot of features are in a development! ✌️

  • Visit the Pro Version

Reviews from WordPress

Written by @ryanmalham on WordPress Forums

Great application of ChatGPT

This plugin does a very good job of simplifying the workflow to create site content that is high quality and SEO optimized.

Written by @five40 on WordPress Forums

I’m a 12 year WordPress veteran and I’m super impressed

The AI Engine plugin by Jordy Meow is an excellent addition for my WordPress website. I have been using it for 10 days now and have been thoroughly impressed by its capabilities. The plugin does everything it claims it can do and more. I was particularly impressed by the updates that have been released during the time I have been using it. These updates have made the plugin even better and more efficient.

Written by @clearface on WordPress Forums


Jordy is clearly a first mover in the space bringing this wonder into WordPress. Most excellent design and programming.

Written by @arumgeorge on WordPress Forums

An exceptional plugin

I tried another plugin that utilises OpenAI and I found it rather frustrating to use and buggy. I then discovered this one and was blown away by how well it works and its ease of use. The developer also seems really active and appears to have a passion for making it as good as it can be.