Error: licenser.php missing (PHP Fatal Error)

Recently (September 2021), I had to make big changes in the common libraries of all the Meow Apps plugins.

First, I am sorry that happened 🙁 I am always testing the plugins before releasing them. In that case, I made a lot of tests, but my WordPress installs were too clean to test this properly.

Why did this happen?

There are important WordPress rules to follow in order to be on the WordPress Repository. And I was not obeying to one of them ???? ! Basically, my common library used in all my plugins had some files which were about licensing. The problem is that those files are useless in the Free version, and therefore, it’s forbidden to have them on the WordPress Repository. I had to comply.

Don’t worry, I took advantage of this major change to also push other changes to make the code better as well! So it’s not about compliance, but also about code reliability 🙂

How to fix it?

I prefer to share with you the simplest way to fix this:

  • Delete ALL the plugins from Meow Apps.
  • Then you can install the Free versions from the WordPress Repository again.
  • For the Pro versions, you can download them here, as usual. That will make sure that you run all the latest versions of the plugins, at the same time.

Of course, you can also try to delete only the free plugins at first, and re-install them. The Pro versions should be fine.

I still want to know the problem!

Basically, you are unlucky (and of course, I am the one to blame). You have an old free version, which is set by WordPress to be loaded first, and therefore, its old common library is used. The Pro used to be able to use the same library, but not anymore. Unfortunately, in this specific case, at this specific moment, there is a mismatch between versions and some files can’t be found; even they are here, but somewhere else.