Meow Apps

Meow Gallery: Tutorial

How to create galleries? The answer is simple! With the standard tools in WordPress 🙂 You do not need to study anything new. There are three ways to create a gallery. By using the Gutenberg Editor, the Standard Editor or the Gallery shortcode. First, have a look at the settings.

The Settings

They are accessible through the Meow Apps > Gallery menu. You will be able here to set all the default settings. If you do not modify anything, the layout Tiles will be used for all your galleries. If you don’t want the Meow Gallery to take over your galleries by default, pick None.

Meow Gallery: Options

On the right side, you can set the default settings for each layout. 

Gutenberg Editor

If you already have galleries, you can convert them easily to the Meow Gallery Block, or you can simply add this block from the editor. Feel free to play with the different settings, and the visual appareance will be updated in realtime.

It works naturally with the Gutenberg and WordPress ecosystem and actually uses the native WordPress shortcode. That allows you or other plugins to modify the content and rendering of the gallery, which is usually not possible with other plugins.

Another advantage of having a shortcode in the back is that if you uninstall the Meow Gallery one day, for some reason, it will still work with the native WordPress Gallery rendering, and you will be able to convert it to the standard Gallery Block.

Standard Editor

If you are still using the standard editor, you can click on Add Media, and then the modal below will appear. Pick Create Gallery, choose the photos and Create a new gallery. This core feature of WordPress actually creates a shortcode so it will also work with the Meow Gallery.

Gallery Shortcode

You can also use the Gallery Shortcode directly. If you want a specific layout to be used for your gallery, simply use the layout attribute. Each layout has even more different attributes available, please have a look at the layouts page to discover them.

[gallery ids="1,2,3" layout="tiles"]

If you have WP/LR Sync installed, you can also specify directly one or your collection from Lightroom, like this.

[gallery layout="tiles" wplr-collection="1"]

For more information about WP/LR Sync, check it here.