Audio Story for Images

Very simple, unique and exciting plugin that allows the bloggers to link an image to an audio file through the Media Library. Automatically, a little play icon will be added on your images in your posts. That way, you can give another dimension to your images thanks to sounds, music or voice-over. Here is a very simple example.

Meoto Iwa


On WordPress: Audio Story Images

How it works

Simply attach an image to an audio file or vice-versa in the Media Library.

Audio Story Tutorial


Since I love the concept, I am trying to gathers ideas of what you can do with this plugin.

  • Tell an audio story behind each image rather than text (the text should focus on SEO instead, be an excerpt of the story)
  • Use cinemagraphs instead of normal images  and have the audio track synchronized with it
  • Write a post with photos taken around your home, with the associated background audio
  • Write a post with portraits, each of them will say a simple sentence with their own voice
  • Etc…
  • Excellent functionality 👍

  • Donna Beckley Galanti

    I like it, is there a way to move the icon to the bottom of the photo? Perhaps make it bigger?

  • Dave Warner

    I installed the plugin and attached it to two images…the icon does not show. I used mp3 files…is that why? Do they have to be wav files?

    • Gerhard Rauth

      Hi Dave,

      what browser did you use? I’m on a mac and even on this page I didn’t get the icon with safari. With firefox it works.

      On my homepage logged in as admin I get runtime errors with safari.

      Hope this could help you a bit.

  • Love this idea, I did some work on something similar, maybe my ideas could help inspire you?

    I set up an internet radio station / podcast – one idea for individual stories was to use storify then add audio to read through. So we’d have a web story, audio story and merge the two into a slide show for you tube.

    Adding a feature to deliver an RSS feed from a page of your images with audio might help achieve something very similar. (I have code to turn RSS feeds into you tube playlists as ‘slide shows’).

    Storify has some great tools, but is very clunky now and doesn’t seem to be being developed.

  • Tania

    Hi there! Love the idea of this app. It’s not working in the Uncode theme though. I can attach the audio file to the image in the media library, but when I add the media to a text element it fails. Nothing shows up. Not sure what I can do to make it work. Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Hi, and sorry for the late reply. Not very actively working on that plugin right now, even though I believe it’s a good idea and it works fine on a normal install. Why do you mean by “it fails”? There is an error? Anything in the PHP Error Logs?

  • My issue is with linking audio to image. Could you describe that with the latest WordPress please?

I recommend you to use WPEngine or SiteGround. They are both excellent hosting services and work perfectly with all my plugins.