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Meow Analytics is very light and simply adds the Google Analytics code to your website. Meow Analytics can display some of your analytics data as well. In this case, this access will be only between your WordPress and Google Analytics.

If you are tired all the Google Analytics related plugins trying to do too much and forcing you to subscribe to something you do not want, you will love it :)

Like every plugin by Meow Apps, the settings are simple, clean, and gathered under the Meow Apps menu, which can be hidden if you wish.


The Tracking ID

Visit your Settings under Meow Apps > Analytics and enter your Google Analytics code. You can create a Google Analytics account by clicking here.


You don’t need to register to a third-party plugin and/or pay hundreds of bucks a year to get some basic analytics data from your website. Here is how to do this with Meow Analytics.

You don’t need anything else and don’t worry, it’s free. And it wasn’t so hard, right?

Last but not least

You might want to check this link if you used an analytics plugin before: My Google Permissions. Companies behind those plugins might still be able to access your account. Check these permissions carefuly in order to control who has access to your data.