Meow Apps

Contact Form Block

This contact form is the best. Simple, yet pretty and complete, it does what a contact form should do. It doesn’t ruin your WordPress install with files, useless heavy processes, it doesn’t require other plugins… and it is free.

The default behavior of this contact form is to send an e-mail to the admin of the WordPress install. However, the entire behavior can be modified through filters.

The contact form can be installed easily through a Gutenberg block, but also using the shortcode.

It doesn’t need any extra CSS or Javascript files.

This contact form, here, will deliver the message to you instead of me, so feel free to try it!

Form Test
Please feel free to try it 🥳

Best Practices

This contact form follows the best practices, in order to guarantee a maximum conversion rate.

This contact form doesn’t load any JS or CSS scripts (except if you active ReCAPTCHA, of course). I know that the ones who love optimizing their websites will love this detail.

Gutenberg Block

Using the Gutenberg block is recommended. You can easily modify the labels of the main fields (Name, E-mail, and Message) and the overall design. A header can also be added, with an image and some text. The text and color of the submit button can also be customized. There are 3 basic themes available: None, Default and Meow Apps. None will add no styles to your contact form, Default will make it work on any theme, and Meow Apps will look a bit more solid.


The shortcode [meow-gallery-block] can also be used, just as it is! There are many attributes available to customize it. That shortcode can be used anywhere, in your widgets for example, and the contact form will display nicely.


There are many other contact form systems, and this contact form will not try to do more than them. On the contrary, it will focus on being simply a contact form and will be the best at doing it. There will be no clunky UI added to your WordPress nor heavy processes. Most users simply want a pretty and easy contact form, and this is the contact form. Adding new fields and options can be discussed, but this contact form will keep its ethic.