New domain: :)

Hi everyone! I have updated my website URL from to Much better, right? I know, that’s not so important but I feel better having a real domain name for my plugins. Sorry, during the process of updating the DNS, my hosting service changed the IP addresses of the servers and at the end it seems like over a period of 48 hours there was many issues/glitches with my website. I am really sorry about this. Also, I will update all my plugins with a slightly improve UI very soon. Don’t hesitate to post comments below if you have anything to say about this website or anything else πŸ™‚

Information: I got robbed in China

This is not a very good news. I got robbed in China, when I was visiting my old university (where I lived exactly 10 years ago). I was too relaxed at a restaurant and my bag was taken away. Inside there was:

– Passport: I am French, live in Japan, but currently in China. I have no visa for Japan and for China at the moment. I can’t go home. I can’t do anything in China neither and as you know many things are blocked. I am just trying to get a temporary passport so I can go back to Japan. Then I will need to go to Tokyo (I don’t live there) to try to make all my official papers again.
– My car keys: My car is blocked at the airport, and without a key (previous owner says there is no spare key), apparently I need to find a way to transport the car to a shop of the brand of my car. This will be very costy, I don’t know yet how to do this, and it will take time. Meanwhile, I am paying for that parking too…
– MacBook Pro: this is my only computer and my work environment is set up on this. Of course it is a very expensive computer, with a lot of valuable data on it, and all my work environment set up. Buying a new computer, getting all my data back from backup and setting everything up will take time.
– Other things like my house keys and other stuff, but the worst is what I mentioned above.

I will go through a lot of troubles for the next days or weeks and during this time I am still getting a lot of emails, questions and so on. I really can’t handle this at the moment. If you buy a plugin and it is not working to your liking, simply ask for a refund through Paypal, and I will validate it as soon as I can. But now I can’t handle support, normally it takes me 3-4 hours everyday and I couldn’t do anything these last few days and it will be difficult the next few days too (in a week, I guess my inbox would have around 150 support requests, which is not something I would be able to handle). I need to keep my sanity and get back to work.

Sorry for the troubles.

New Protocol and Options for WP/LR Sync

Good news for the new version of WP/LR Sync. I found the motivation and time to add a new protocol to the plugin! So if you had many troubles because of XML/RPC, now you can simply switch to the REST protocol (in plugin settings on Lightroom side) and that should work much better.

WP/LR Sync - REST Protocol

This protocol is available from the 2.4.0 version of the WordPress plugin and from the 2.6 version of the LR plugin.

I have also added two options I was asked for. Have a look at the screenshot below:

WP/LR Sync - New Options

From now on, you can use the Taken Date as the date for your photo in the Media Library instead of the Upload Date. WordPress will keep calling this Upload Date in the admin however.

Accents in Filename is to avoid troubles with certain hosting services. By default the plugin will now remove accents from your filenames. If this is checked, it will keep them.

I need beta-testers for the new version of the LR plugin so please ask me if you would like to do it. If you have any feature requests, please talk about below πŸ™‚ Also, I am still looking for clients, I still didn’t work on market the plugin. One clever way to do it would be to contact theme developers and ask them to check if WP/LR Sync (+ the Post Type extension) is perfectly compatible with their themes. If you would like to make sure WP/LR Sync works nicely with your theme (by creating the galleries automatically for instance), please contact your theme developers and point them to this πŸ™‚ I think they would be glad to know that this plugin exists.

Thank you all πŸ™‚

WP/LR Sync and the “Post Types” Extension

Hi everyone! Today I added a new extension in WP/LR Sync. This extension allows you to link your collections to a post type registered in WordPress and (if needed) your folders/sets to a specific taxonomy. That way, you have a chance to have your albums, collections, folders (or whatever they are called by your theme) synchronized.

The extension creates a post of that post type for each collection in Lightroom. So if your theme has a post type called album, it will create as many Albums (with the standard WP Gallery in it). If this post type as a category, tag, folder or something else, you can select it as the taxonomy in the extension settings.

I know those WordPress concepts aren’t easy for everyone but I try my best to keep all this not to difficult, without avoiding to use the standard WordPress terminology (which is a bit confusing).

You can enable the extension then you will have a new submenu available under WP/LR Sync. The options look like this:

Post Types Extension

Is this clear for you? Does it help? Please let me know in comments and I will make this extension better and better over time. Thank you!

WordPress 4.4 and Retina (High-DPI)


Today, is a great day! WordPress 4.4 was released and it now creates by itself the src-set tag, including all your image sizes. That enabled the browser to load the most appropriate size for your browser device πŸ™‚

Now, WordPress still doesn’t generate the Retina (high-dpi) images and WP Retina 2x will do its duty, as it always did. If you have the latest version of WP Retina 2x, it already adds the retina images directly in the src-set created by WordPress.

I recommend you to have a new look at the settings of WP Retina 2x. Thanks to WordPress 4.4, you optimize the retina process and make the whole solution really neat.

In Basics

WP 4.4 Basics


Of course, keep the Auto Generate, you need your Retina Images. You also need to keep the Responsive part of WP 4.4 but you have this option to disable if you don’t like it (or have issues with it). I recommend to also disable the new “Medium Large” size that was added by 4.4, it’s not neat, it’s just an alternative size just in case. Since you are using WP Retina 2x, all the sizes are perfect, you don’t need this un-perfect size in the middle.

In Advanced

WP 4.4 Advanced

A new “Responsive Images” method has been added. This method simply adds the retina images in the src-set created by WP 4.4. When all the plugins and theme support WP 4.4 well, this method will be the most optimized one. Until then, keep on using the current recommended method, PictureFill. It does what the “Responsive Images” is doing but also rewrite the HTML for the older IMG tags to include the retina images.

If you have any questions, please ask below. Enjoy those new releases, towards a cleaner, faster WordPress πŸ™‚

I recommend you to use WPEngine or SiteGround. They are both excellent hosting services and work perfectly with all my plugins.