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The core of WordPress doesn’t know about keywords and doesn’t have any features related to keywords. Keywords are sometimes added by themes and plugins. WP/LR Sync also has a feature to do this. It’s important to understand how those keywords are implemented in your WordPress install if they are available.

The Keywords Taxonomy

Usually, the keywords are added as a WordPress taxonomy, linked to the Media (which is a WordPress post-type). “Keywords” is actually the friendly name of the taxonomy (which is used in the menus and the screens) but the internal name is different. In the case of WP/LR Sync, the Keywords feature (added through an option in the settings) is called attachment_keyword. If keywords were added by your theme, or by another plugin, the internal name is probably different and therefore, it’s like you are dealing with two totally different taxonomies, even though the friendly name is the same.

Enable Keywords & Sync Keywords

In WP/LR Sync settings, there are two important options: Enable Keywords and Sync Keywords. The first one will create the Keywords taxonomy (attachment_keyword) we talked about earlier. The second option will let you pick this new taxonomy, or another taxonomy (if you would like to use the Keywords taxonomy created by the theme or another plugin for example) and from that moment (and only from that moment) it will create, update or delete the keywords related to the images you are synchronizing from your Lightroom.

Resync with Extensions

WP/LR Sync also keeps the information about your keywords in its own database, in WordPress. Even if you are not using any Keywords taxonomy yet, the keywords are kept in this database. You can have a look at the content of this database by visiting the Collections & Keywords screen.

Then, the day you start using an extension that is using keywords, or if you start using the Keywords taxonomy we discussed, you can click on the Resync with Extensions button in the Extensions screen. WP/LR Sync will generate events for everything that happened between Lightroom and WordPress, basically asking the extensions and the Sync Keywords feature to do their job πŸ™‚



If you have any questions related to keywords, please add a comment below πŸ™‚

  • Kristoffer Hartmark

    Hi Jordy, i told you before that i managed to only get one keyword, probably because after i enabled keywords and chose the (attachment_keyword) i added a keyword in lightroom. I then thought that the next image should have them all (old & new) but i only got the two that i had from before!

    So do i have to rewrite all of the keywords on my images that already have keywords or do i have to add all of the keywords to WP, so that the next time i upload 50 images i dont have to go inn to lightroom and add keywords & re-publish?

    Best Kristoffer

    • Do you see them in your Collections & Keywords screen? If yes, then you can try to click on the Resync with Extensions button. If they aren’t on this screen, you will need to mark all your photos in Lightroom as to be republished. Keywords are tricky so I hope everything will work fine πŸ™‚

      • Kristoffer Hartmark

        Hi Jordy, That did it, Thank you =). This may be a stupid question but gotta ask anyway. What can i do with these keywords, are they search-able only in my page or can i search in google and find the image there? Also are they also now tags?
        Any other tips would be very appreciated =)

        • Basically, nothing and everything πŸ™‚ A theme can integrate the Keywords taxonomy easily, you can also find a plugin that generates a Tag Clouds from any taxonomy, or, or, or… anything is possible πŸ™‚ You just need to decide what you want to do with them, and then, find a way to implement them. Think about it, and then hire a developer for one or two hours to find the best way how to do this, that’s my advice.

  • Jesse Hodges

    I’m a little confused here.
    Posts (custom type) “hold” media.
    LR Keywords apply to media.
    WP Taxonomy applies to posts (filter posts by taxonomy), not media within a post.
    So how do you filter WP Media by Post Taxonomy?

    What I’d really like to do is map Keyword Hierarchy (totally independent of collections) directly to a hierarchical custom post type – is that possible?

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