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This page is a bit new, but will introduce the mobile apps that work with WP/LR Sync. The WP/LR Sync API allows external applications to use it (with authentification through a QR Code). You need to enable the JSON API for WP/LR Sync in the Settings of the plugin in WordPress.

WP/LR Sync Portfolio (IOS)

You can look for it in your iTunes Store under “WP/LR”.

  • Christoph Hilger

    Today I used your new app for the forst time: Although I like the idea a lot, there are three issues, which prevent it from being useful for me:

    1.) The images are in random sequemce, which changes every with every login. As a photographer I spend a lot of thoughts for arranging my images in a sequence, which makes the most sense to me. Therefore I expect, that this sequence is kept by the iOS app or at least there is a selection of the sorting algorithm (by name, date, etc.).

    2.) The images are cropped when viewed in landscape orientation, if they do not have the exact aspect ratio of the iPhone screen. In that case they fill the whole screen, but parts of the images are cut off (e.g. at the top and bottom). I would expect, that the app displays the whole picture and fits it into the screen, leaving black borders at the left and right side. This is the behaviour of almost all image viewers I know of, and this makes the most sense (in my opinion).

    3.) Is there a reason, why you need iOS 10? Two of my iOS devices are older and can only be upgraded to iOS 9… πŸ™

    I hope, this feedback is (at least a little bit) useful for you.

    Best regards from Austria!

    • For 1), we can talk about this in private because it is not linked to the app side, it’s between LR and WP. For 2) and 3), my friend will reply to you soon, he is working on the iPhone app πŸ™‚

      • Christoph Hilger

        Hi Jordy,
        topic 1) could be partly solved in the app by sorting modes (by filename, date, etc). This would help a lot, even if the sequencing inside Lightroom or WordPress is not accessible now. If I could sort by filename, I could rename my files accordingly, whereas having a random order leaves me without any control.
        Thank you very much for your commitment and have a nice day!

        • Jean-baptiste Dominguez

          Hi Christoph,
          You can sort on the last release of the iOS application.
          Have a nice day.

    • Jean-baptiste Dominguez

      1Β°) I will do it for the next release.
      2Β°) I will check it.
      3Β°) Normally, I can change and I will try to do it for the next release too.

      Thank you for using this app and I appreciate your comments.
      I’ll improve it thanks to your feedback.


      • Christoph Hilger

        Thank you very much Jean-baptiste!
        I am looking forward to the next release to try it again.
        Best regards!

        • Jean-baptiste Dominguez

          Hello Christoph,

          A new version will appear in the store soon. The sort is done. Unfortunately, I can’t accept iOS9, I use functionalities of iOS 10. For the crop, It’ll be fix in the next release.

          Kind regards,


          • Christoph Hilger

            Thanks for your message, Jean-baptiste! I will try it as soon as it is available!
            Have a nice weekend!

  • Terry Kahler

    Hi Jean/Jordy. I downloaded the app today and used the QR code to log in but I get an error: “Your URL is invalid or your token has expired”. Is there another step I need to take to link the app to the site? Please advise.

  • Didier Pesson

    I would like such try it with my device iPad but I have got an error about token when I scan QR code on my website. I have no idea to know about what token….

    • Please wait a few days (maybe up to two weeks), we will release a new version of the IOS app. Depending on your PHP configuration, the IOS app can’t connect to it, luckily there is another way. Please contact me here if it’s not working even with the new release.

      • Didier Pesson


        Your correction is ready ?

        I want to know if you have a such product to sync Adobe Bridge with wordpress too ?

        Thanks a lot

        • Hello πŸ™‚ Still not but coming soon. A bit busy with everything πŸ™‚ Adobe Bridge doesn’t work with Publish Services unfortunately, except a few they have built-in.

  • Charles Wills

    Just purchased the WP/LR Sync Portfolio IOS app and I do see it working on one of my sites, but on the other site I can’t get the QR code to show up. I get the following error message when I click on “Quick test: Hierarchy”:
    {“code”:”auth_failed”,”message”:”Authentification failed.”,”data”:{“status”:401}}

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