Buy WP/LR Sync

Do you run a popular website about WordPress, photography, or do you have another way to talk about my plugin? I can share a free license against some promotion of my plugins. As you might know, I don’t do any marketing, I prefer to focus on quality and support 🙂 If you are interested, contact me

The license is for the software. Included support is only for bugs (with all the extensions off) or connectivity issues. If you have an issue with an extension (like Post Types), linking WP/LR with your theme to handle automatic post creation (portfolio, album or anything else) or other extensions (like RML), you will need to ask your theme developer, check my articles or buy direct support for me (check below).


Those prices were changed recently. The plugin became much cheaper but support was removed. Now, users would need additional support can hire me in Support (check below); it’s more fair for my users and myself.

  • Tiny

    $32 Once

    Tiny Website

    For 1-3 websites.
  • Webmaster

    $14/ Year

    For Webmasters

    For 1-3 websites.
  • Developer

    $260 Once

    For Developers

    For 1-500 websites.
  • Agency

    $400/ Year

    For Agencies

    For 1-1,000 websites.


My goal is to provide to the photographers and the bloggers a solution that allows them to have a fast, optimized and evolving-able workflow. I can install WP/LR Sync for you, set-it up and make it compatible with your theme the way you want it. If I fail doing it for you, I will refund you.

How does it work? Buy support from one of the buttons below (speedy = less than 24 hours to work on your issue / normal = ~ one week). Once paid, contact me here, sharing with me access to your WordPress as admin. I recommend you also to include access to your FTP if that is possible. I will not damage your install, so a live WordPress is no problem.

  • Support

    $60 Once

    I help you set up your WP/LR Sync with your theme within the week.
  • Speedy Support


    I help you set up your WP/LR Sync with your theme within 24 hours.


Websites. A Multi-Install (Network Install) of WordPress doesn’t count for one install. Only the number of installs within that network counts. If you have 100 websites in your network install, you will need a license to cover this number.

I recommend you to use WPEngine or SiteGround. They are both excellent hosting services and work perfectly with all my plugins.