Extensions are basically WordPress plugins which are using the WP/LR Sync API, and therefore, extending WP/LR Sync features.

How it works

They are available from the WordPress repository and they should be tagged using wplr-extension. They can be built by yourself or by a developer.

An extension normally adds a submenu to the WP/LR Sync menu in WordPress. In the case of the Theme Assistant extension (which is the one maintained by Meow Apps), there is a new submenu called Theme Assistant. The page about this extension can be found here.

Every action ran within WP/LR Sync will be shared with the extensions (for instance, when a collection is created, photos added to it, etc).

If you have just installed a new extension and would like to play every WP/LR Sync actions/events again, you can simply click on the Resync with Extensions button. The extension will then be aware of all the data structure from WP/LR Sync.

If you delete an extension and would like everything which was created by it to be undo, you can use the Reset with Extensions button. But watch out! This will be ran on all running extensions, so if you plan to remove one particular extension, make sure this one is activate but not the others. When finished, you an delete the useless extension and enable the ones you need.

Common Extensions

WP/LR Theme Assistant

With this extension, you will be able to sync WP/LR Sync structure with post types and taxonomies. Learn more about it here: WP/LR Theme Assistant.

Real Media Library

Maybe you know the Real Media Library plugin, it is similar but better looking than WP Media Folder. It adds a way to browse the photos in a nicer way in the Media Library. For it to work magically with WP/LR Sync, you will need the WP/LR Sync Folders extension, it is available on the WordPress repository, and maintained by the same developer as Real Media Library.

Other Extensions

I don’t keep track of all external extensions but some people sometimes ask me for those. Also, I can’t provide support on this personally, so you need the help of a developer or of the original plugin maker.

  • WP Media Folder: This plugin is used to browse your photos more easily. It basically creates virtual folders and let you organize your Media Library. The plugin is on Joomunited.com. The extension is available on GitHub.
  • NextGen: Popular (but really ancient / not recommended) gallery plugin. The extension is available on GitHub. Since NextGen is a bit specific (~= old) and doesn’t use WordPress either naturally or properly, the extension might break at any time. I don’t recommend using it but feel free to give it a try (some of my users are actually using it).
  • Photo Gallery: I am not sure the extension is working but the code for it is on GitHub. Feel free to hack on it.

A few more things

You can create your own extension based on those previous ones. If you are a developer, it can be a lot of fun :)

I like to collaborate with other developers to make things even more compatible. Today, WP/LR Sync is very mature and perfectly stable but of course, there is always room for improvement. Let me know if anything crosses your mind. I’ll be always here to help and make things better.