Meow Apps

WP/LR Sync better than ever

First, happy new year to you all! :)

My best plugin became by far WP/LR Sync, not in a financial way (not at all, unfortunately) but in term of the number of themes and plugins working with it, the enthusiasm of my users, the fact it works perfectly, etc… I myself use it also every day and I am glad I made it this way. The next step is to make sure it works excellently with all the themes out there and the mobile apps are already on their way!

The blog of MeowApps is not very active, to be honest I prefer to spend time on making the plugins better and talk to you directly, but I think it would be also great if we could chat together (and talk about other plugins, it’s not like my plugins are the only interested ones). I opened the pages on my website for comments, and I also have created a little while ago a Facebook group called: WordPress for Photographers. Feel free to join and participate, ask questions.

Also, there was a big update in my Media Cleaner and Media File Renamer plugins recently, so don’t hesitate to try them.

Cheers everyone! :)