WP/LR Sync 3.0 & Meow Apps Store

Big changes! WP/LR Sync has been perfectly stable for some time, so it was time to add a new feature in it: images ordering (within a collection / gallery). But the biggest chance is that there is now a Meow Apps Store with a powerful licensing system. The rest of my plugins will also use it soon (and this is actually a requirement which has been asked to me by the WordPress team). By buying my plugins on the Meow Apps Store, you will be able to unregister websites from a license key, get invoices, manage your downloads, etc. So much more cleaner and less licensing issues.

What are the new licenses ?

There is basically two types. The main one is called simply “WP/LR Sync“. The license options are either Yearly or Lifetime. You will get all the following versions, like what you probably have with Adobe Cloud. The second one is “WP/LR Sync 3“, it is a forever license that doesn’t expire, but it is linked to that version.

Note that the little licenses are much cheaper than before, and now anybody running one website can currently get it for 9$ / year only. Get it quick, it is my recommendation πŸ™‚

What about your current license

Are you using a former Forever?
Your license is linked to WP/LR Sync 2.x or WP/LR Sync 1.x. If you got it less than 120 days ago, just to get a new one (any of them) on Then, contact me, with your previous license key (and preferably, the email you are using on Paypal), and I will refund you right away. If it is more than 140 days ago, I will provide you a 50% discount on the WP/LR Sync 3.0 license.

Are you using a Yearly?
If the last payment is more than 140 days ago, I cannot refund you (Paypal policy). So you would need to wait a few months, and get WP/LR Sync from the new store after that (or you can get it right away if you like). If it is less than 140 days ago, get a new one on Then, contact me, with your previous license key (and preferably, the email you are using on Paypal), and I will refund you right away. Also don’t forget to cancel that previous subscription in your Paypal. With the new store, you will be able to control it directly from there (only for the new one, of course).

Your current license
Once it is refunded, the previous serial will stop working. Otherwise, it will continue to work, but my goal is of course to shut off the old licensing server.


If you are interested in becoming an affiliate and make some money selling my plugins, that is now possible. Create an account here: Meow Apps Affiliates.

Thank you!

I am working hard on making all this better. Handling thousands of customers, the support, the new features and all the other aspects is difficult but thanks to the support of many of you and your advices, I am able to find the best way to handle it all πŸ™‚ So, big thanks for your kindness and for loving this plugin.

  • Eyal Oren

    Thanks Jordy. Perfectly understandable and a very small price to pay. Keep up the good work!

    One app I would love is a way to use the photo’s GPS on a map. Similar to how I can go into a folder in LR now and pull up the Map to see all of my photos which have GPS data. Any way to bring that functionality to WordPress?

    • Long time no talk Eyal πŸ™‚ Well, that wouldn’t be part of WP/LR Sync, but I have always wanted to create a plugin to do something like that actually. However, now the focus is on the Meow Gallery and Meow Lightbox, along with improving the plugins I made already, I can’t find time to add another project, even though I really want. Let’s see in the future, maybe this year πŸ™‚

  • studioluminous

    so what was forever isn’t forever but now forever is forever? As I understand it now, I have to pay to keep my service going, being a 2.x forever purchaser… I know $9 a year isn’t all that much but it feels a little off to change it up like this. How long do I have before my license is void?

    • The term “Forever” was confusing so I am not using it anymore, I replaced it with the version number. Forever means to buy a specific version of the product and that it always works. In your case, the 2.x will always work, and the WordPress plugin will get the updates, but no the LR one (so you will not get new big features, but the fixes which are mostly on WP side will still be there). That said you can switch to the new license for free if you got it less than 140 days ago, or if it is more I can grant you a 50% discount on the WP/LR Sync 3.

      • studioluminous

        What I was referencing is the $99 forever plan that’s not tied to a version on your new store. That forever version covers all future updates for up to 5 URL’s correct?

  • caitlin

    I just tried to purchase the app to sync the plugin on my wordpress site with my LR and it says that there is an error so it can’t be purchased? Please let me know if I am doing something wrong.


    • Did you try with Paypal? Or the other one? It should work with no issues, I didn’t hear of any issues these last days. Please let me know.

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