WP Category Permalink

This plugin allows you to select a main category for your posts for better permalinks and SEO. The chosen category is shown in bold on the ‘Posts List’ page and the ‘Post Edit’ page. You can select a different permalink category on the ‘Post Edit’ page using the ‘Categories’ box (hover over the categories and click on ‘Permalink’ to select one, then save your post).

Category Permalink

Post Types

It supports post types (brought by plugins such as gallery plugins or others like WooCommerce) and their taxonomies (products and their categories for example).

SEO Friendly Permalink Structure

The permalink structure needs to be set-up in your WordPress through Settings > Permalink. There you can pick a structure but the best is to make your own custom structure, such as “/%category%/%postname%/“. Here are a few variables you can use:

  • %postname%
  • %category%
  • %author%
  • %year%, %monthnum%, %day%

For all the explanation and important technical stuff to know about permalinks in WordPress, the best is to have a look at this page: Using Permalinks on WordPress.org.

Contribute 🙂

This project has no Pro features, there is only a free version. If you need support, you will need to ask a developer. You can also contribute to this project on Git: https://github.com/jordymeow/wp-category-permalink. Thanks!

I recommend you to use WPEngine or SiteGround. They are both excellent hosting services and work perfectly with all my plugins.