There are so many plugins and different installs on the WordPress market that it is very difficult to make my plugins work flawlessly on all of them. I have many users, which is good, but unfortunately, it also brings way too many complex support requests. If I need to access your install to find what the problem is, it becomes a long process for me (often 2 or 3 hours). I don’t want to make my plugins more expensive to hire developers, so I had to take a decision.

The process for your support request is as follow.

1. Debug your install

If you are using Media File Renamer and you are here, your issue is that probably not all the references to your files are updated. What do those non-updated references have in common? Maybe they are used by a gallery system, a special part of the theme, etc. Find out what it is exactly.

If you are using Media Cleaner and you are here, it’s probably that the plugin detects images which are actually used. Find how they are used exactly, by which plugin, and how.

2. Reproduce the issue

Ask me for a fresh install of WordPress. I will provide you with a bare install of WordPress, right away. Upload the minimum amount of plugins, images and if required, the theme. Make sure you can reproduce the issue on this install. Then I should be able to quickly analyze the issue and provide a fix.

3. If it is too complicated, no time for it, or…

I can always refund you, and it is often the simplest thing to do. If the plugin is really important for you and in your business, consider hiring me to debug it on your install.