Meow Gallery Pro

Meow Gallery is a modern gallery system for WordPress built with photographers in mind. Its particularity is that it is the lightest and fastest on the market. It doesn’t take over the natural WordPress flow: it simply makes it better. It also features its own Gutenberg Block, works with WP/LR Sync (Lightroom) and is compatible with basically everything.

To know more about it, please visit the Official Page of Meow Gallery.

Free Version

  • Nice layouts

    Our special and recommended “Tiles”, but also the common ones such as Masonry, Justified, Square, and Cascade.

  • Gutenberg Block

    If you are using the Gutenberg Editor, you can easily manage your galleries and preview them in realtime.

  • Compatibility

    It uses the natural gallery system of WordPress. You can start using the Meow Gallery and all your galleries will work right away. You can also uninstall it, and your website will still work.

Pro Version

  • Everything from the Free Version

  • Display your images in a beautiful carousel (you might know this layout as slider).

  • Map Layout

    Instead of a gallery of images, a map will be displayed. The GPS written in your photos will be used.

  • Infinite Loading

    If you have huge galleries, with hundreds of thousands of photos, this feature will make it doable and smooth.

  • Animations

    Sleek animations.

License: Yearly vs Lifetime

The Yearly License is recommended. It will always work and you will always get support, as long as it is kept active.

The Lifetime License works forever, including future updates. However, support is only available the first year.


Do you love the free version? Do you have valuable feedback for me? Did you find a bug and find a solution for it? Then… We might have a discount for you! Contact me! 🥳

Trial / Refund

There are no trials available. However, don’t worry: you can buy a license, the one you like, and if it doesn’t well enough for you, I will refund you. I always do, when asked! For refunds, contact me within 2 weeks.