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There is 2 ways to install a WordPress theme:

Via the WordPress dashboard

Click on Appearance->Themes and then on the Add New button at the top of the screen.

On the next page, click the Upload Theme button at the top of the screen, and select the zip file containing the theme.


If you have an FTP access to your server, simply upload the theme folder ( not zipped ) in the folder wp-content/themes/.

Setting-up Mikan

Step 1: Installing recommended plugins

Mikan works best with some plugins, they are not required, but we highly recommend you to install them.

From there, you are basically ready to go if you only want the regular blog features. If you are a photographer though, follow the next steps.

Step 2: Create your first collection

First of all, at this point you need to have the Photography Core plugin installed.

If you have it, let’s start by creating your first Collection.

A collection is a custom post type that represents a group of images, we use the same terminology as Lightroom.

To create a Collection, from the dashboard, in the left sidebar click on Collections->Add New.

Creating a Collection

Step 3: Create your first folder

A folder is a taxonomy for collections, well, if you prefer, folders are categories for collections, and they work exactly like categories for regular posts.

To create one, from the Dashboard, put your mouse over Collections and click on Folders, on the next page, you can simply add a folder, edit previously created folders and organize them.

Creating a Folder

Step 4: Display these collections and folders

After creating collections and organizing them into folders, it’s time to actually create a page to display them on your website.

There is 2 ways to do this.

Via the Portfolio Page Template

This is the fastest way, simply create a new page, and select the “Portfolio Page” template.

Displaying Collections/Folders via a Page Template
Via the Meow Blocks

With the Photography Core comes a few Gutenberg blocks that let you display your collections or folders. In any page, simply add the blocks:

Displaying Collections/Folders via Gutenberg Blocks

Using the Customizer

All MeowApps themes use only the native WordPress customizer for their options. Mikan is no exception.

To open the customizer, from the dashboard click on Appearance->Customizer.

From there, all the theme options are in the “Theme Settings” panel.

In the next sections, we will have a more in-depth look at some of these settings.

Opening the Customizer

One of the first things you will probably want to change is the logo or the initials at the top. It’s very easy with the customizer.

First, open the customizer ( see previous section ), and go in the Site Identity panel. From there you will see a field to upload a logo, and another field to change the initials.

Changing Logo / Initials

Change the Layout

If you want to have a large sidebar, in the Customizer click on the Theme Settings panel, then on Layout and change the Menu Layout option.

Change the Fonts

If you want to change the different fonts used on your website, we recommend you to install the plugin Easy Google Fonts.

How to Ask for Help

MeowApps is commited to make their customers happy, if you have any issue or questions or ideas for us to improve, please contact us via the contact form on our website