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Migration to the Meow Apps Store

This article was written more than one year ago and I don’t expect many customers to see it anymore. The discounts might not work or some facts slightly different. Contact me if you have any issue.

To comply with rules, changes in the code and how the plugin was distributed had to be made. If your license starts with the “F-” or “I-” it is not compatible with the new versions of the plugin (and the new licensing system). The plugin now requires being bought through the new Meow Apps Store. This link:

Meow Apps Store

Why? On, only the free plugin can be hosted, so it cannot be Pro anymore (I was forced to make this change, so you might have missed this message displayed in your WP which was part of the update). It is also a big change and investment for me, but is right, this is the way to go. This new store also comes with many features (keys, licenses, renewal, upgrades, cancellations, discounts, etc.).

For my existing users, to ease this upgrade, I made the price of my licenses cheaper or with more URLs. 

If you really want to continue using the previous version of the plugin that works with your old license, you can still get it here: old versions of the plugins.

Thanks a lot for your understanding. It is best for the future, and currently a lot of work for me. My plugins will switch to this new store one by one.