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Meow Theme: Get Started

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Since every theme by Meow Apps has been developed with the same structure, this guide works for all of them. If you switch to one theme from another, it will simply work.


Upload the theme directly into the Appearance > Themes screen in your WordPress dashboard and activate it. Right away, the theme will propose to install few plugins for you.

Photography Core is mandatory in order for the theme to enable all the nice features of the theme. Mainly, it will enable collections and folders on your WordPress.

Then, it is highly recommended you install the Meow Gallery and the Meow Lightbox. You don’t need to set up anything else, it will just work out of the box.

The Basics

There are three technical concepts to understand: collection, folder, and gallery.

Collections & Folders

Collections behave exactly like posts, or page. They are differentiated technically because we believe your should use posts for blogging (or sharing news) and pages for information about you and your websites (like your profile, exhibitions, books, etc).

Collections can be organized in a folder. You could also have many folders into a folder. There are no restrictions on this, nevertheless, you should try to keep it as simple as possible. Not only for your visitors, but also for yourself and the general maintenance of your website.


Make it beautiful

You will need to set a Featured Image for your collections and your folders. That is easy to do but this image will be important as it represents the content of each collection or folder. That’s how you do it for collections:

And that’s how you do it for folders:

Synchronize with Lightroom

If you are using Lightroom Classic CC, you may have heard of Publish Services, and also of WP/LR Sync. If you didn’t, the quick explanation is that it allows linking your Lightroom to your WordPress. Here follows a diagram of how it all works.

Don’t worry though! :) It is much easier than it looks. You only need to install WP/LR Sync, follow the basic installation procedure you will get with it.

The WP/LR Theme Assistant

You might know this already, but at this point, WP/LR Sync only knows how to synchronize your Lightroom with your Media Library. But if you want the collections and folders to be created automatically, we need a bit more. For this, install the WP/LR Theme Assistant.

Once it is installed, you would probably like it to create the collections automatically for you, along with the folders. Look at the WP/LR Sync menu in your WordPress, you will find a Theme Assistant under it. Make sure its settings look like as follow.

Now, for each Collection in LR, a Collection (technically, it is a meow_collection) will be created in WordPress, and it will be published right away. The Mode means that the standard WP Gallery will be created in it, displaying the photos. If you are using the Meow Gallery, this gallery will use the default settings. Same with the folders.

If you are happy with it all, but already had pushed a lot of images, collections and folders before installing the Theme Assistant, you might wonder how to synchronize all of it with your theme again. Visit the Extensions dashboard under the WP/LR Sync menu in WordPress, and click on “Resync with Extensions”. Done!