Ikuzo is colloquial for Let’s go! in Japanese. It is also a powerful Map Editor designed specifically for the travelers, explorers, and photographers constantly planning their trips using a private map.

This is the old tutorial. You can now find all the information relative to Ikuzo on its official website, here:
Ikuzo, the Map Editor for Travelers

Create a free account by simply using your email, and an empty map will be ready for you to play with.

Add a spot

There are many ways to add a spot. For example, click this pin, in the top bar.

The default GPS coordinates represent the center of your map. If you know the GPS coordinates of your new spot, type or paste them in, and click Add coordinates. If you want to quickly add your real-time location, click My location. You can move the spot or delete that spot later.

You can also add a new one by pressing the location on the map for more than one second. When you release it, the location will be created and selected.

Set the attributes

Each spot has a title, description, image, status, and type. You can upload an image by dragging and dropping, or by clicking and selecting one. The Go! button will send you on Google Maps, in order to walk or drive to the location.

Status. It represents your relationship with the place. Did you go? Mark it as Visited. Do you absolutely want to go? Mark it as Ikuzo!. Is it a place you simply like to see someday? Mark it as To Visit. The colors of the location change depend on this status. Please use this other colors as you wish.

Type. It represents what is the place, such as a temple, a waterfall, a school, etc. It is a quick visual indicator.

Filter your map

When you are on a trip, you probably do not want to see all your spots on your map. With Ikuzo, you can filter them in many ways.

You can filter by status, types, and periods. You can also type some text in the input field at the top of this menu, like ‘cat’, and only the spots related to cats will be displayed. Try combining those filters.

More features?

Yes! You will discover them little by little. Start by creating your map! If you wish to not start from scratch, you can import a map created using Google Maps. In that case, click on Ikuzo, and another menu will appear.

Do not hesitate to contact us for feature requests, or questions. Meanwhile, have fun with Ikuzo!