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How To: Optimize Images & CDN for WordPress

I am often asked which image optimization systems I recommend with WordPress. There are many available now and it is also important to talk about their compatibility with my plugins as well. I will start with the basics in a What do to? section, then talk about What to avoid? and introduce to you the different solutions.

If you want to have a quick answer on how to optimize your images, go check the All-in-One Solutions at the end of this article, this is currently my recommendation and my favorite service.

What to do?

What to avoid?

Amazon S3

Avoid using S3 with WordPress. Don’t even think about it. For now. It was not meant to be used with S3, and even if there are plugins allowing you to do that, it is a hack.

I don’t doubt it is an interesting idea, unfortunately, you will encounter many issues, with many plugins as many core functions of WordPress will stop working properly. If you are hosting your WordPress on a serverless kind of service, it might make a bit more sense but still, I would still not recommend it.

On top of this, S3 is not a CDN. It will not make things faster, and might even slow them down in comparison with a good hosting service. To make it fast, you will need CloudFront (Amazon’s CDN) on top of it. This all comes with an additional cost on your hosting, and issues. When WordPress will handle remote storages natively, it will be safe to use. For now, stay away from it.


Avoid using JetPack. It might look simpler at first, but it is better to handpick the best solutions for you instead of using a solution overloaded with too many features and restrictions. I am not saying it is necessarily a bad plugin, but I would go for lighter and more focused solutions.

Image Optimizers

Here is a list of plugins that I have tested. They all work pretty well.

CDN Services


All-in-One Solutions

I have been looking for a long time for a solution that does it all, asked many services if they could implement it, and I have even been tempted into starting this offer myself, which is not easy. Finally, there is a service that does it, and it is called ImageKit!

It is not the cheapest, but it is the easiest and the best. It doesn’t require a specific plugin on your end (but you still need to find a way to modify the HTML). I am currently using it on my Offbeat Japan website, through an SSL subdomain, which is really nice.

You can open an account using this referral code: syue6870. You will get 10% off.

Anything to say? Need help?

Did you find a better solution? Do you have an opinion about one of those services? Do not hesitate to participate in the comments. If you need help to make your website faster, do not hesitate to contact Meow Apps.