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Best Hosting Services for WordPress

Here are the best hosting services for WordPress, from my point of view, and for different reasons. I often hear people having issues with their hosting so I would like to recommend you some.

In a nutshell: Do you have money to spend? Kinsta or WPEngine. You running on a budget? Siteground or Hostgator.

Kinsta (~30$ / month)

New service which embraces the Google Cloud. From that, you can expect many nice things to happen, especially in term of speed, security, stability, and stability. I am currently running my urbex website called Haikyo. It is blazing fast! The support is also very helpful when I needed them, and they always reply right away. They also made their own UI to administrate your websites (using React and Ant UI, it seems), and it is very agreeable to use. This is my new commendation.

WPEngine (~35$ / month)

No need to install optimization, security or backup plugins, everything is done automatically for you. Creating new installs is fast, making backups or reverting changes are easy tasks, and someone competent is always available to help you via an online chat. I love the fact of having a Production and Staging that can be instantly copied to each other. I have this current website running on it and also my main blog Offbeat Japan. More information here: WPEngine.

SiteGround (~3.95$ / month)

Very close to WPEngine in term of quality. It seems to me it is a bit faster than WPEngine in fact, but the security features are less obvious (though I never had any issues). The caching is included, the backup system is not as nice as WPEngine but works well. The price is much lower that WPEngine, so it is actually a better deal. I have been keeping my website Haikyo (Abandoned Places in Japan) on it for a few years and I am glad I did. More information here: SiteGround (60% off with this link).

HostGator (~2.75$ / month)

The cheapest. Unlimited everything. That is basically what is is. Of course, you will need to be more careful with security, backup, and optimization. But for the price, the servers work quite well and the support team is here for you, by chat. I am running a few small websites there, and they are all fast. More information here: HostGator.