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Best Hosting Services for WordPress

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Here are the best hosting services for WordPress, from my point of view, and for different reasons. I often hear people having issues with their hosting so I would like to recommend you some.

In a nutshell: Do you have money to spend? Kinsta, FlyWheel or WPEngine. Do you have a limited budget? Siteground or Hostgator.

1. Kinsta (~30$ / month)

This relatively new service which embraces the Google Cloud. Thanks to this, you can expect many nice things to happen, especially in terms of speed, security, stability, and stability. The UI of their online administration is very pleasant, modern, and the support is very reactive.

I am currently running my Urban Exploration in Japan website called Haikyo. Have a look. The speed is amazing.

2. FlyWheel (~13$ / month)

It’s actually now owned by WPEngine, so they have similar prices, but the infrastructure is, I feel, a bit more modern, and they have much better design sense and all that, so you get a nicer dashboard to manage your websites. They also have smaller plans available (which WPEngine doesn’t have).

3. WPEngine (~25$ / month)

No need to install optimization, caching, security or backup plugins, everything is done automatically for you. Creating new installs is fast, making backups or reverting changes are easy tasks, and the support team is always available through an online chat (and they are actually competent). It is very easy to switch between production and staging, so if you are (or have) a developer, that is really useful.

I have this current website running on it and also my main blog Offbeat Japan. Please try it: it is fast and doesn’t run any particular plugins, except the Meow Apps suite and a theme.

4. SiteGround (~3.95$ / month)

This service is very close to WPEngine in terms of quality. The security features are less obvious (though I never had any issues), the caching is included, but the backup system is not as nice as WPEngine. It’s a much simpler hosting service so you will have to do a bit more work.

Here is a 60% discount. Click here: SiteGround.

5. HostGator (~2.75$ / month)

This service is amazingly cheap. Everything is unlimited. You don’t need to think about how many websites you will need, or how many visitors. However, you will need to install your websites by yourself, optimize them carefully, think about backups, etc. Also, absolutely avoid overloading your WordPress with too many plugins; those servers will slow down rapidly. They have relatively good support for the price. I recommend running small websites here.