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Apologies for my users from Adobe Exchange

I am sorry the installation of the plugin is not smooth at all (rather, not working) from the Adobe Exchange directly. I have been chatting with Adobe Vetting since February in order to make it works but it never did. At this point, I don’t know what to do, I can only share my experience with you. If you want the plugin to be available, installable, and updatable from the Creative Cloud directly, I guess I will need your help. Feel free to drop them a message asking them to help me or LR developers in general.

The documentation for uploading a LR plugin to the Adobe Exchange is basically that: “To add a Lightroom Plugin package using the Online Packager, you must first zip the package, keeping your package’s internal folder structure intact. For example, “myplugin.lrplugin” becomes “”. The Online Packager automatically unzips “” files before adding them to the ZXP, providing a seamless installation experience for your users.”. This is from the page as of 2015, August 26 (and was the same months before that). I have always did this.

Since February I have been trying to submit my plugin since February. 6 months later, no success.

Adobe (May 6th)

Your product cannot be published because: The add-on seems to have installed via Extension Manager and is appearing under ‘others’ but we cannot find it on the computer. We have checked the Desktop, the Downloads folder (usually the default) and the Documents folder? Please check and resubmit, placing notes in the ‘notes to approver’ section if necessary.

Me (May 7th)

I just re-submitted the same file and the same folder. I took a screenshot for you as well
When I uploaded the zip, it automatically detected that it is a plugin for Lightroom, and also picked the correct folder for the Modules. It should work perfectly. I don’t know what happens to the server after I click on Submit but it seems something is not right. It the Install Location is not correct, then that should be changed on your side. From my perspective, they could be simplified such as “Modules folder”, “Documents folder”, etc.


Adobe (May 7th)

Jordy, now we receive an error saying the MXI file is invalid so Extension Manager will not install the file. Please can you tell us what type of file you are uploading and its file structure? i.e. if it is a ZIP what folders are inside the ZIP? Did you name the file to have an extension such as ‘.lrplugin’ as per the instructions?

Me (May 8th)

I am sending you the ZIP now so you can see what it is exactly by yourself. Basically it contains the folder called “wplr.lrplugin”. If the zip is simply unzip in the modules folder of LR, then the plugin should be recognized automatically.

The plugin is really simple, there aren’t any directories in it.

Please check the ZIP and tell me what you think. This is exactly the ZIP I am uploading to the online packager and it is actually automatically detected as a Lightroom plugin. If the ZIP was not well-made, I am pretty sure I would get an error directly. Something seems wrong on the online packager or an error message is missing, not sure.

Adobe (May 12nd)

Your folder looks correct. But from your earlier Screenshot, the ‘product’ says Photoshop, not Lightroom? Can you check that please as that would explain the MXI file error.

Me (May 12nd)

This says actually “Photoshop Lightroom” ;) You can check, I included a better screenshot. You can see that “Lightroom” is following “Photoshop”. There is obviously a design/technical issue in the uploader/packer. How can we do it? Do you work with the developers?


Adobe (May 12nd)

Ok we have sent it to a different team to have a look at what the issue with online packager might be. We will report back to you as soon as we have some answer on that.

Me (May 12th)

No problem, I’ll wait for the answer. Thank you!

Adobe (May 21st)

Apologies, we are still waiting for an answer from the other team! We have chased it up today.

Me (May 21st)

No problem! Maybe they have found something and they are on it already :)

Adobe (June 1st)

One of our engineers started looking into this problem on Friday and is continuing to investigate it today. He will report back to us and we will pass on the information to yourself. Apologies for the delay on this. The team have been extremely busy of late.

Me (June 1st)

No problem, I’ll wait :) But I am surprised nobody encountered this error for the whole time, it doesn’t seem that there are that many plugin developers for Lightroom yet (using the Exchange). I know a few developers but among them I am the only one using it.

Me (June 25th)

Still no news? Developers didn’t find anything yet?

Adobe (June 26th)

No dear oh dear we had some internal issues with CC 2015 release so we were all frantically working to sort that out but the engineers are so busy with internal requests that they probably don’t have capacity to assist with this query so please could you send us your entire product I.e. The files, the description text etc and we will just try to recreate the problem you are having and hopefully we can upload the add-on on your behalf?

Me (June 26th)

Alright, I send you a ZIP.

Me (July 10th)

Still having issues ? Can’t believe we started to work on that in February/March. I worked on a lot on this plugin you know, it’s a bit sad I cannot propose it to users easily, especially that a lot of users are looking for something like this.

Me (August 12nd)

You completely disappeared?

Me (August 24th)

(Since there is no response for them, I decide to try to upload the new version of the plugin as a new plugin for the Adobe Exchange from scratch – I have to try something)

Adobe (August 25th)

We see that you were able to submit 1 LR add-on successfully and it was approved? The format was perfect and installed without problems, so if you could replicate that with the second add-on – we should be good to go, yes?

(basically, the new version was ignored but somehow a patch I have uploaded from the past, maybe from April, got released – it is not the new version, and as before, you cannot install it automatically, I tried – and I get a ZXP if I try to download it from there)

Me (August 25th)

Unfortunately not. I have no idea how this got through but it is basically the old version. And it’s not auto-install, I just try to install it. The files didn’t go anywhere :( FYI, I send you the zip I have uploaded and the screenshot of the online packager (which appears successful)

[idz_alert type=”info”]As in the documentation, I want to upload a ZIP containing my the plugin and that to become an auto-install on the Adobe Exchange. Seems like it works that way in theory. I send the plugin 3-4 times to Adobe Vetting for them to try. Still not working and I don’t think they ever tried my ZIP (but they agreed it looks fine). [/idz_alert]